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Remingtons are a family line as long and as well-known among typewriter enthusiasts as they are among gun collectors. They literally began the typewriter revolution by contracting to produce the Sholes and Gliddon; later, they gave birth to the modern portable. When Remington began producing their own line of typewriters, their machines established themselves as virtual industry standards, unrivaled in popularity until the Underwood locomotive roared onto the scene. (Ironically, Underwood itself would later bow to Remington and license the company to produce Underwood's Noiseless models at the Remington factory.) Remington bought the Noiseless typeriter company in 1924, generating a popular line of portables and desktop models. Click here for a table of Remington serial number and manufacturing dates, including data for the entire line of "blind" Remington Standards.
Early Remington models
Although I have few of these to display, it would do well to serve up a quick ove…

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